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Giving Tuesday

Celebrate generosity

Giving Tuesday
November 29, 2022
Dear friend of the Triangle Club,November 29 is Giving Tuesday, the day people across the world join together in a day of giving. We invite you to use the occasion to express your support for Atlanta’s Triangle Club, home of daily miracles for people in recovery.

As a friend of the Club, you have special reason to celebrate the magic of this safe place. Each week, the Club hosts some 70 different meetings for people in recovery. For over 50 years, thousands of them have found experience, strength and hope from the fellowship available within its rooms.

As a nonprofit organization, Triangle Club and its facilities are possible only through the support of friends like you. Whether you are a long-time participant, a newcomer to the rooms, or a champion for someone in recovery, the Club needs your support.

Please make a one-time donation to the Triangle Club or become an annual member here

When you first came to Triangle, the doors were open and welcoming because of the generosity of those who came before you. Your donation on Giving Tuesday, November 29, will help ensure that same warm welcome.